Apple Shooter is an online game that gives the player an opportunity to practice accuracy. Enthused by Wilhelm Tell, Apple Shooter has a bow and an arrow in which the player is supposed to shoot the apple on the head of a buddy.

The game is controlled by a mouse that is used to aim and shoot the apple(kunker). If the player misses the apple, the game ends instantly. However, if the player successfully hits the apple, he/she automatically moves to the next level. Each level of the Apple Shooter positions the player further from the target to increase the complexity of the game.

Apple Shooter is not only an interesting game, but also easy and simple. People of all ages and especially children will find this game exciting. It tests the accuracy of players in the most simulating ways while at the same time help them to improve their analytical skills.

Enjoy this game for free above and tell us below in comments what you think about it! Oh and don’t forget to play Super Smash Flash 2!

By Mark

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