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Hey there dear visitor, I see you love Cubefield same way as I do, I will try to explain basics of this game below, I will share with you my strategy and I will add video guide as well which will help you to become pro in no time (lol).

Games have positive sides?
But, before we will start to explain how to play it, you should probably know that this game has positive impact on your brain, this is true, games can actually help you to improve your thinking abilities and it can improve your fast reaction as well. Now that you know this fact I bet you want to play this awesome online game even more, additionally it is perfect way to enjoy your free time and relax.

Your mission
Main objective of this game is to reach finish line safely, while you are racing through this wonderland full of different boxes with different colors you must do your best to never crash in one of these boxes, otherwise your aircraft will crash and you will die. This game, Cubefield, is awesome way to test your skills and fast thinking, you will face different obstacles while you are flying through empty space and if you will dodge all of them successfully you will be able to earn high scores. If you want you can ask your friends and see what results they can get and this is one more interesting part of this flash game, challenge!

More levels = more fun!
What else? Where this game comes with different levels and like in other games, the more levels you complete the harder it becomes, for example level one and level five are completely different from each other and this difference is more noticeable in higher levels, but don’t worry your skills will improve by that time so it should be pretty possible for your to succeed in this game.

Finally we can talk about controls of Cubefield, actually it is pretty simple, I will list them below:

Left and right arrow keys can be used to dodge cubes.
P button can be used to pause the game.
Q button can be used to change quality of the game.

This is all that you need to know about this flash game, as I have promised before, I will provide a video guide of the game and the link to this page can be found below. is a user-friendly site, we would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to use our contact form or comments section, have fun!